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Elkhart, Indiana




Wednesday-Thursday: 4-9 p.m.
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Wednesday-Thursday: 4-9 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 4-10 p.m.

1105 Goshen Ave.

Elkhart, Indiana

Paul Cataldo
World Pizza Champion

Paul Cataldo is the owner and operator of Antonio’s Italian Ristorante, a restaurant located in Elkhart, Indiana. However, Paul is more than a restaurateur, he is an International Pizza Champion.

When you meet Paul, you’ll first feel the intensity of his personality. He takes his restaurant and his food seriously. He’ll look you in the eye and give you his attention while fifty other demands are pecking at the door. That focus and intensity have given him the winning edge.


•2004 – 1st place, Masterpiece Pizza Championship, Toledo Ohio

• 2004 -1st place, Pizza Quest, Elkhart, Indiana

• 2004 – 3rd place. Americas Plate, New York

• 2005 – 2nd place. Masterpiece Pizza Championship, Toledo Ohio

• 2005- 2nd place. Largest Dough Stretch, Alamo Pizza Festival, San Antonio Texas

• 2007 – 16th place, “Pizza in Teglia” Pizza Olympics- Salsomaggiore, Italy

• 2007 – 3rd place, Pizza Pizzazz, NAPICS, Columbus Ohio

• 2008 – Joined “World Pizza Champions” Pizza Team

• 2016 – 3rd place, Gourmet pizza division NAPICS, Columbus Ohio

• 2016 – Top 4, NAPICS Traditional division

• 2017 – Best Pan Pizza from North America in World Pizza Championship, Parma Italy

• 2018 – 4th place, Mid-America Pizza Pizzazz Competition

• 2019 – 1st place, International Pizza Competition Las Vegas (World Champion)

• 2019 – 1st place, Best Traditional Pizza in Mid-America, Las Vegas

• 2020 – 1st Place, Pizza Pizzazz, Ohio (Carmie)

• 2021 – 1st place, Mid-America at the International Expo, Las Vegas (Carmie)

• 2021 – 1st place, Best Non-Traditional Pizza Mid-America/ International Pizza Expo, Las Vegas

• 2022 – 3rd Place, Young Pizza Maker at Pizza & Pasta (Gemma)



Meet the World Pizza Champion Team

The World Pizza Champions™, America’s #1 Pizza Team™, was founded by Tony Gemignani, Michael Shepherd, Siler Chapman, Joe Carlucci, Ken Bryant and Sean Brauser.

The World Pizza Champions™ (WPC) team is an elite group of multi-national pizza makers based in the US. Through International competition, educational outreach, public demonstrations and community-based service the team is dedicated to promoting the positive image of pizza making as a respected craft, and a viable career choice.

The WPC has a combined 70 World Titles. Team members are carefully selected. Inclusion on the team roster is by invitation only and is based on skill, character, compatibility and selfl ess effort on behalf of the industry. Each member has dedicated years of practice and entrepreneurial energy to the craft. The teammates offer unique perspectives and areas of specialization including culinary, operations, promotion and entertainment skills.

Working for the common good of the craft, the WPC team is united by the shared goal of setting the industry-wide standard of excellence in all aspects of the pizza makers art. By partnering with a select group of high-quality distributors and manufacturers the WPC Team is committed to being the premier ambassadors of pizza making as an art, a craft and a business.

More information on WPC can be found at: worldpizzachampions.com

Sponsor a Champion

When you support Paul Cataldo and the World Pizza Champions Team you become
part of their winning team. You support pizza making as an art, a craft, and a business while helping us set a standard for excellence.

We hope you will consider partnering
with us.

Sponsorships with Paul Cataldo, World Champion can be either cash donation form or in-kind product* form. We see your sponsorship as both an investment in our competition journey and
a partnership with your company. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on how we can work together.

*In-Kind donations of product are welcome for products that Antonio’s Italian Ristorante currently uses in the preparation and creation of our menu offerings.

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Wednesday-Thursday: 4-9 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 4-10 p.m.
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